We believe it's not just sound, it's music, and it should be reinforced musically. This is not the same as making everything loud with an overbearing subwoofer! Our philosophy is to project your on-stage performance into every corner of the venue so your entire audience can enjoy the music as if they were sitting in the front row.


Although small jobs in local venues are our bread and butter, we also specialize in multi-band festivals, indoors or outdoors, with audiences as large as 300 people. We have extensive experience with musical theater productions at middle school, high school, and professional levels.

We offer complete professional recording services, both on-site at the gig or in our comfortable intimate recording studio in Annapolis. Regardless of where the recording gets made, our production philosophy is the same: we make it sound real, just like you do.

We also design and install permanent or mobile sound reinforcement systems for places of worship, schools, and professional musical theater venues.

Call us today to discuss your show or project and enjoy the professional, courteous service you will receive at reasonable prices.

  • Live sound reinforcement for bands and musical theater productions

  • On-site recording

  • Studio recording services

  • Professional CD production & mastering

  • Sound system design & installation

Serving the Baltimore, Annapolis, Washington DC, and surrounding areas